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Janadhar - Election Management Software

Janadhar Jaipur,Election Summit 2014Gati Technolgy Systems is a fast growing company in India since last ten years and providing Software Development, Web Development, Web Hosting, Web Designing and SEO Services.

We are pioneer in the field of Election Management Software;this software is improved in every corporation and state election. We are always in search of new ideas & concepts. As we got idea of Red Green voter in State Assembly Election, we immediately introduce in our software. New concepts like Booth Committee, Voter list by references, voter list by mobile number etc are example of new improvements. Now you can make your campaigning hi-tech with our technology. Your suggestions, improvements and new reports are always welcome.

One of the promising diversification of the group in the field of software, BPO, transcription, web-site development. The firm has provided services to a number of leading entrepreneurs of Rajasthan. The accounting and inventory softwares of the firm are being used by more than 500 entities from last several years. Further the user based softwares in various fields have also been provided. The firm is now on the verge of development of specialized softwares for hospitals, medical shops, hotels, restaurants, schools and software for banking